Random Thoughts: Thank you letter to the Universe

Dear reader I know that the following post might seem/be crazy however I feel like I want to write a thank you letter so to speak to the Universe/The Powers that Be/the Gods for bringing me in the blessings that I’ve received in the last few days.

This is different than my daily “Things I am thankful for today” posts(Check on the Thankful tab of my blog if you’re curious about them) this is about the fact that over the past few days my ex husband finally left me alone and 3 guys I’ve been taking to on Twitter for a while(two of them for almost a year now) have told me that if I or they were close enough they would take me on a date, Yes before you ask dear reader they all already know about my disability/wheelchair and still said/asked me on a date.

One of them is physically everything I find attractive in a guy as well as he seems very sweet and caring(all of them seem very nice).

To me personally dear reader it feels as if this is a sign that since my ex finally let go of me so to speak(the divorce has been finalized for two years and we’ve been split for way long if you’re new here) love is finally coming around me.

Especially since I’ve been more open about what I need/want as well as what I can/can’t do.

I just feel so thankful to the Universe because I haven’t felt this confident and wanted in a very long time.

All 3 of them know and agree that we don’t want anything long-distance so I won’t be getting involved in a relationship with any of them(or anyone else) that doesn’t involve being together in person within a quick time frame.

They haven’t made any promises to me or I to them except to go on a date if/when they are near me and we are both single at that time(who knows they might find a gf closer to them) so I’m still free to go out/be with a guy I meet in person.

It really does feel like the time right before I met my ex hubby and I was on the dating scene.

I really do feel like love is coming my way like the saying when it rains it pours.

I’m also very thankful for you and your support of me on this journey dear reader. I truly do feel that your love has brought me so far and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. I promise to keep you updated on if I meet anyone else or when I officially go on any dates.

Tell me what you think.

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