Dear reader I’ve lost a friend.

Dear reader around 2008(when I was still living with my then husband in San Diego) I met the Singer family(Adele, Dan, Willow, and Corbitt) I’ve been able to keep up with the family via Facebook and as such I personally felt so excited to see what Willow would do next (her excitement at becoming a high school cheer leader), Dan progress in the United States Navy, Adele’s photos from all of there family adventures, of course Corbitts amazing smiles and journey through life with his disability.
Fast forward to last Thursday(I apologize in advance if my time line of these events are wrong I’m still trying to cope with everything) I found out that Dan had cancer and he was dying(he didn’t want it on social media till he was at the end) as I was dealing with my sadness over this the night that was supposed have held Dan’s funeral we find out that it was canceled along with a link to a news story about two dead teenagers who had died in the front yard of a home, at the time no names had been released so I didn’t understand what was going on until it was confirmed by Adele that she’d come home from work that night to find both Willow and her ex boyfriend dead in what’s probably going to be ruled a murder suicide.

if you can help here’s a link to the go fund me for funeral expenses for both Dan & Willow.

On top of this my dad and both have what seems to be a case of the flu which is why I’ve been so quiet lately(I’m awake now because try as I might I can’t fall asleep or lay flat without having a coughing fit(Thank the Universe that I have an adjustable bed that let’s me raise both the head and feet of my bed up and own). I will update you guys again as soon as I know anything more about the situation or I feel good enough to write anything. You know that I don’t feel good when I haven’t read anything 😔.

Thanks in advance for your support and help Dear reader it really does help me more than you’ll ever know 💜.

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