New Chapters in Love: Letting Go of The Past(7/22/19)

Dear reader I couldn’t sleep(still haven’t yet, darn you Cerebral Palsy) so I went through FB and preemptively blocked every one (except for J because he and I are still cool) that I can remember last names for(needed for FB purposes).

I found and 🚫 everyone except for Erin(the first guy I dated after my ex husband left) because I can’t remember his last name.

I really truly want a new fresh start in my love life(Check out the rest of the posts within this tab of my blog if you’re new here and want the backstory on my love life).

J if you read this since I know you’re still following me on here I am not saying I don’t want you, I am saying that I can’t/won’t be waiting around for you; I’ve already been alone for the past 9 years in general since my ex husband left I deserve to be able to give and receive love even if it’s not from you.

Hopefully doing this will give a sign to the universe/Powers That Be that I am really ready for a new beginning in love.

I will keep you all updated on any new developments as soon as possible and as always thank you for staying on this journey with me dear reader your support means everything to me 💜💋💜

Tell me what you think.

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