Book Review: Mercenary: Jennifer Blackstream

Dear reader I couldn’t sleep so I finished reading “Mercenary” book #5 in the “Blood Trails” series by Jennifer Blackstream. I picked up this book in the Nook store on my tablet because I had to know what happens next with the characters, my personal review of the book is as follows:

I personally found the case for this specific book in the series was more intense and took up I would say about 98% of the length of the book(normally in my personal experience with series as a whole up to this book the case part of the storyline is split in between scenes that deal with or expand up past plot points from previous books) and read (In my personal opinion) like an urban fantasy “who dun it”(I can’t really think of a better way of phrasing it that doesn’t give away any spoilers) that was (in my personal opinion) a lot darker in mood/tone that the previous books in the series(so far).

At about the start of the middle of the book I personally stopped feeling like I was reading a book in this series and started thinking I was reading an urban fantasy because for me personally I felt like the tone and things that were going on in the plotline of the case that this specific book is based around(trying to phrase things in a way that avoids spoilers) and there wasn’t much of the main character sass or character to remind me of the series as a whole, as a result of this I started to stop caring about the plotline of the case.

I kept reading because I wanted to see what was going on with the new side character who was introduced(he is adorable, I ❤ him so much I won’t give away who he is except to say that I wish I could have him around to help organize my life and I also love how he helps makes “Shades” life easier whilst adding his own storyline to the plot, he also fixes the “how did Shade get that thing when she needed it” convenience plot issue in my personal opinion which I think is super cool).

The last 10% of the book is where in my personal opinion the 2% or so of the overall storyline of the book is and it was the part that has the storyline elements that pushed the overall storyline of the series as a whole forward and had for me personally the most emotional parts of the series so far(I almost wanted to cry at some points towards the end). It also was what pushes up my overall enjoyment/rating of the book, I personally rate it a 7 out 10. Happy reading dear reader ☺. Please like and share this review if you enjoyed it doing so helps me to get approved for future 📚s and helps others to find my reviews 💜.

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