Dating Life: My dating life lately in a nutshell

Dear reader hopefully this story will show you how my “dating life” has been lately.

When I was at the casino yesterday with my dad I was looking for an open seat on the roulette table.

This guy(mid to late 40s) says yes and and a younger guy(early to mid 20s) with a military looking haircut(if you don’t know already dear reader I was a Marine wife for 4 and half years) so I can spot military guys from a mile away and I have a soft spot for them still(my dad is also a drafted Nam Army veteran), the spot next to the older guy was more crowded so I go sit next to the younger guy and I see his dog tags and thank him for his service.

As I am talking to him(small talk, I wasn’t trying to get with him, I don’t date younger guys normally), just enjoying the chance to flirt.

I notice the older guy trying to get into our conversation and the younger guy says the older guy is(you guessed it dear reader) his dad…

So of course I stop trying to flirt with him because I don’t want to flirt with anyone in front of their parents.

The first cute guy I see(in person) in awhile and of course his dad is around. Just really shows how my love life has been going recently.

As always I thank you for letting me vent so to speak dear reader your support means the world to me.

2 thoughts on “Dating Life: My dating life lately in a nutshell

  1. Darrin

    Keep at it! It’ll come when you least expect it, nothing wrong with trying and venting in the mean time… you got this!

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