Things that I am thankful for today(9-19-2019)

Things that I am thankful today:

1. My friend Tara sitting with me for a few hours whilst my dad had to go do something(if you’re new here dear reader I’m physically disabled from birth due to Cerebral Palsy & because of this I can’t walk at all so I need a lot of physical help(getting on an off the toilet, getting food or drink if I’m in my bed, getting into/out of my ♿ etc . I can think and talk just fine 😁).

2. Getting to watch Downton Abbey the movie tonight, I watched it whilst my dad watched the new Rambo movie. I personally rate the Downton Abbey movie a 7 and a half; I liked it a lot I just felt like it was missing the extravagance of a major motion picture in my personal opinion, it just felt like it was a normal extended special on PBS. Plus I guessed a lot of the plot twists ahead of time. Definitely still a must watch for anyone who’s a fan of the series.


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