Things that I am thankful for today(10-6-2019)

Things that I am thankful for today:

1. Getting to go with my dad and uncle Timmy to LA/OC Pagan pride day, I had to leave early(and miss the 1 ritual that I was interested in this year) because my muscle pain from my Cerebral Palsy pain was so bad, however I did get to see 2 friends that I only get to see at this event. I got my yearly 👕, 2020 Witches calendar, some incense, and room spray thanks to my dad. Still blessed amd thankful that I got to go outside.

2. My uncle Timmy picking up the physical 📚 s I’ve read lately to take them to a local free lending library by his house. I enjoy helping books find new homes 😁.

3. Watching the Dodgers win game 3 of the National League playoffs on 📺 with my dad. Now the Dodgers are up in the 5 games series.


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