Venting: I understand fantasy isn’t real (Dating drama)

Note to Reader: I am writing this to get the thoughts/emotions out of my mind. I’m NOT trying to judge anyone and as always I am ONLY speaking for myself. Trigger warning for talking about rape fantasy.

Dear reader I was talking to a guy that I had matched with the night before on a dating site.

We seemed to match on a lot of things:

1. He was relatively local so we could’ve met in person eventually.

2. He knew about and was ok with my ♿(disability).

3. He was an author.

4. He doesn’t want kids/doesn’t have them.

Over the course of talking to him and finding out that he was ok and seemed to match with all of the basics I listed above as well as other things the conversation moved to sex.

I like to make sure(if I meet someone online especially) that’s actually close enough to meet in person that there won’t be any sexual surprises(I hate getting to that point in a relationship and being stuck with crappie sex because we don’t match) so now I ask in advance what they like.

He seemed to match me very well and the other way around. I decided to see via messaging(because it’s physically safer since I can block them if necessary)

What his fantasy with me would be, Dear reader keep in mind that I specifically told him dirtiest fantasy with me and he already knew about my ♿.

I do this to gauge how there mind goes and if I can physically do it and if it would be safe for me.

The first place the guy went was rape, force, making me cry. At which point I said I didn’t think we should keep talking.

I said it was my issue(which it is) and I wished him the best(which I do). He said things about safe words which I understand but safe words(in my personal opinion) only matter if you can enforce them by physically getting away if they keep going and since I can’t physically do that I have to be extremely careful.

He still didn’t understand. I didn’t know any other way to explain then what I already said so I appolgized again and blocked him to avoid hurting him as he kept saying I hurt his feelings.

I understand that it’s harsh but I wish people would understand that I have to be so careful because I can’t run.

It made me so thankful that I asked the question in advance and it didn’t come up when we met.

Thanks for listening to me vent dear reader your support means everything to me.

Tell me what you think.

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