Venting: I pay attention to what people don’t say.

Note to Reader: I’m writing this post to get my personal thoughts and feelings out about this specific subject.

Dear reader I was chatting with a guy that I matched with on a dating app earlier tonight and during the course of the conversation(after I told him about my wheelchair/disability he said he was ok with it). As I was explaining that I’m not good at dating & stuff he made a comment that he wasn’t like other guys because his ideas of beauty is different, as if the reason why I’m still single is because guys don’t find me pretty.

Side note, I don’t know what it is about turning 33 but ever since a guy calling me pretty doesn’t have the same weight with me as it used to I just say thanks.

I then explained that a lot of guys find me pretty and I don’t think that’s why I’m still single, I explained that it’s been a lot of guys who:

  1. Just want sex.
  2. Have judged me because of what I like, my life choices, what I believe in etc.
  3. Tried to change what I do, or control me.
  4. The person and I are just not a good fit(or the other way around).

He then addresses every point I made except for the part about changing or controlling me(the others he said he wouldn’t do).

At which point I started to wonder why he left that off the list(I’ve learned from personal experience that you can learn a lot by whatever a person doesn’t address in a conversation), I was also weirded out by a separate point he made about me giving him respect and time.

At this point I didn’t feel like explaining myself and having an argument about it so I un-matched him.

Dear reader I decided to put my profile on that app on a break for matching because I’ve been having weird experiences with people from it.

I will turn it back on whenever I have more patience. I really wish I could meet a guy in person who gets me but I don’t go out very often(see ♿).

Thanks as always for listening to me vent dear reader as always your support means the 🌎 to me and I hope you’ll stay on this journey with me.

Tell me what you think.

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