Things that I am thankful for today(12-20-2019)

Things that I am thankful for today:

1. Going to the casino with my dad earlier today(we’re home now).

2. My dad putting the $200 I won at the casino earlier today into my bank account on the way home(via the atm). I won $260 total from a combination of the $10 minimum craps(my dad even threw the dice for me on my turn to throw because it’s physically hard for me throw) & $5 minimum roulette table. I used $20 of the $60 for our dinner tonight. I gave $20 back to my dad(he didn’t want more) & I kept the last $20 of the $60 to use at Starbucks later.

3. Going 27 days without my regular pain med thanks to my CBD gummies.


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