Book Review: The Age of Light: Whitney Scharer

Dear reader I couldn’t sleep so I finished reading “The Age of Light” by Whitney Scharer. I picked up this book in paperback edition from my local Barnes and Noble because the synopsis seemed interesting and because I am usually a fan of historical fiction set within the time period of the book.

My personal review of the book is as follows:

I was really pulled into the book/want to read it/buy it when the synopsis mentioned that the main character was/is a model who wants to be a photographer instead especially when you consider the time period of the book.

I was personally disappointed when I got further into the story and I started to see less and less of the photography aspects and more and more of the (in my personal opinion) dysfunctional relationship between the main character and the man who taught her photography.

I personally kept reading because I wanted to see how she got to where she was in the beginning and if she would ever be able to “Get her stuff together” again so to speak(trying to phrase things in a way that avoids spoilers) since the book starts in the present and goes to the past.

At the point where I was ready to DNF the book because I was so done with the back and forth between the two main characters story jumps forward to further in the future than we had previously seen at the beginning of the book and we find out sad information on “Lee”(the female main character) and I was hoping she would get some kind of happy moment however the story closes with it happening “off screen”.

Which was such a let down for me personally especially when I had just read approximately 400 pages with nothing that personally felt like an emotional payoff so to speak for having read so far into the story.

Overall I am raiting this book a 2 and half out 10 because I still admire the main character’s strength of character to defy the expectations people had of her because she was a woman.

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