Random Thoughts: Just take whatever you can get

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me getting these thoughts and feelings out of my system. As always the only disabled person who I’m ever speaking for is myself.

Dear reader last night a guy messaged me on a dating site I’m using and said

“You’re so picky you should take whatever you can get”.

I have heard that same statement from so many people throughout my life.

“Don’t try to make your own money just live of the system”.

“Don’t try to make anything online, no one will care”

So many people just want me to be whatever they think that I should be.

Love is still something deep down in my soul that I know that I will be happy if I settle for “whatever I can get”.

Thank you SO much dear reader for your support for me and my journey you keep me wanting to try to make progress towards my dreams/goals, I’m not going to give in.

Tell me what you think.

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