Venting: Family drama with my oldest niece(4/25/20)

Note to Readers: The following post is only about me venting out my personal thoughts and feelings about this situation to get it off my mind. I will always love my niece(yes dear reader I have more than one niece) and her kids no matter how mad she is at me.

Dear reader I first started dealing with this situation 2 days ago and I wasn’t even going to post about it here because I thought it was over however I just happened to notice that my niece un-friended me from Facebook tonight so in order to help me to finally(hopefully) purge this situation from my mind I will write about it here(which if you are new here dear reader is what the original core intent/reason for this blog is, writing always helps me to get stuff out of my head).

The situation started the day before yesterday with my sister asking me to share her husband’s home remodeling business on my Facebook page so I went to their page and shared the picture that they have pinned at the top of the page.

About 20 or so minutes later I get a message from my oldest niece(my brother’s daughter) saying “if you can’t support everyone fairly don’t be surprised when I unfriend you” and saying that the picture I shared had tile work done by her husband and he wasn’t tagged in the picture(this tagging on social media thing is really important to my niece apparently).

I messaged her back saying that I didn’t know that the work done in the picture was her husband’s and that she should talk to my sister(also her aunt) about getting tagged in pictures and I shared it because my sister asked and I am scatterbrained and I 💜 more than I share unless reminded to do so.

About 20 or so minutes after I sent the message to my niece my sister called my phone to tell me that my niece un-friended and blocked her on Facebook and made her husband block her too.

She said that she doesn’t want to hire my niece’s husband for anymore jobs because of that(He’s been paid for all of the work he has done so far) I told my sister that my niece would blame me for her being mad because of the time frame and sure enough as soon as my sister said something back to her about it my niece messaged me saying that it was my fault because I told her(completely leaving out the fact that she blocked her at the same time or close to) and that my sister would only be mad at her because of me saying something.

She even tried to bring up drama from 7 years ago to make myself and my sister fight. Thankfully my sister and I worked it out.

Fast forward to tonight and I find out she unfriended me as much as I love her I think that some space is for the best.

Thanks for being here for me dear reader your support for me/my journey means everything to me 💜.

Tell me what you think.

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