Things that I am thankful for today(5-31-2020)

Things that I am thankful for today:

1. Getting to spend today my 34th birthday with my dad(Last year at this time dear reader if you’re new here I wasn’t sure if my dad and I would be able to stay together because of a personal issue he was having, he would’ve had to deal with it and I might have had to move in with myself to help me physically while he was dealing with it, fortunately for us both he was able to deal with it while being able to stay with me and help me(I can’t really explain more because it’s his story to tell dear reader not mine) and as of right it’s done and dealt with.

Having at least 33 Things that I was thankful for this month(I update the number inside of the parentheses of every “Things that I am thankful for today post” nightly to help me keep track of the number.


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