Random Thoughts: My first crush passed away.

Note to Reader: The following post is just about me trying to get my thoughts about this situation out of my head.

A few weeks ago I randomly started wondering how my first crush was doing, just hoping he was ok(I didn’t want to actually talk to him because he was super Christian and tended to judge me for my life choices) when I checked his FB I saw the banner on top had a picture of an empty wheelchair(he was physically disabled like me but with a different disability) and it said set free August 2021 when I checked the comments underneath the picture I saw it was all condolences.

It feels weird that he isn’t here anymore(he was a year older than me) we went from Kindergarten through high school together he was the first boy I said I love you to(junior high) we never dated or anything(he was super shy and Christian, I’ve always been a wild one 😉).

This is where it gets kind of weird dear reader:

A few days after I found out that he passed I had a dream wherein he was crying and saying that he didn’t know what to do(his exact words) he then asked me if I went to the funereal I said no and that I hadn’t known about it. He said he was sure that his mom and pastor had given him a good service.

I held his hand and told him it was ok until I woke up. Dear reader everyone I’ve heard of that talks about people being on the other side says that they are always happy. I haven’t had a dream about him since.

Tell me what you think.

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