Hermes decided to get my attention again(3-22-15)

Note to reader: If you're not Pagan you will probably not be interested in the following post feel free to skip it.  As always I am ONLY speaking about my own personal experience(s)/Faith everyone is entitled to their own beliefs or non-believe if that's your preference. I am NOT trying to convert anyone to my …

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Revisiting “Working With”

This also explains more of what I mean by “work with”

The Twisted Rope

One of the first posts I had ever written on this blog discussed my thoughts about using the phrase “I work with XYZ deity”. Since then, I have seen many many posts across the entire Internet about the many supposed problems and short comings of using this phrase. Because my horizons have expanded a little since 2012, I thought it might be worthwhile to revisit this topic and freshen it up a bit.

The biggest reasons that I often see people use for why you should never say “I work with my god” is because people are assuming a few things about the relationship:

  1. that you view your deity like a tool that is to be used and then discarded
  2. that you view yourself on the same level as the deity (sometimes labeled as hubris)
  3. that you have no respect for your god

Now I have to admit that…

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