Hermes decided to get my attention again(3-22-15)

Note to reader: If you’re not Pagan you will probably not be interested in the following post feel free to skip it.  As always I am ONLY speaking about my own personal experience(s)/Faith everyone is entitled to their own beliefs or non-believe if that’s your preference. I am NOT trying to convert anyone to my faith and ANY comments trying to convert me will be deleted.

Dear reader I have been wondering why the Gods I follow/work with haven’t been really answering me(with feeling Them around me, working with my pendulum, or in my dreams) well last night I was watching a YouTube video and the person was talking about Hermes and how he is a messenger for the other Gods sometimes and I felt that “oops, I forgot again” moment.

Hermes was who introduced me to Isis in a very vivid dream that I still remember even though it was years ago now, so I knew that he was around I just get really scatter brained with Him for some odd reason where I am doing things with him and the activity level drops off(life gets slow or He gets quiet) and I forget because I have not figured out if He wants to be a main deity for me yet.

Last night I felt him say that He is still with me and that I am on the right path I just need to take the longer way around to get to where I am trying to go.

I have also been trying to get used to the new Pagan Lenormand deck I recently bought.

I have found out through the past few days that I personally need to stick with my original Lenormand deck it just works best for me right now(I don’t really want to explain the reason why because I don’t want to risk angering people who might read this that enjoy the other deck) I will be keeping the other cards with me until I master/find a place to write down/ keep the info from the book about the other spreads in it that I find helpful, then I will drop them off a a swap event type thing so that they can find a good home and be used by someone who will enjoy them better than I.

I did switch out the bags that I bought to keep them in because I think the new bag just fits me better plus I love Roses.

I will keep you updated as I know more about what I am trying to do faith wise, it’s just hard for me to share my personal faith experiences when for so many people they are outside of their frame of “normal” I don’t want to be put in the mad house.

Tell me what you think.

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