Why couldn’t you just say no?

He now says he never liked me at all that way…WHY THE FUCK CAN’T PEOPLE JUST SAY NO???…NO I DON’T WANT A LONG-DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP??? I would have understood.

Letting me fall deeper and deeper for 5 days when he never liked me is SO fucked up. He said he thought that I’d just stop liking him after awhile. What the fuck. He says on his blog he hates when people push him away and stuff..Well that’s what he just did to me. So mad.

3 thoughts on “Why couldn’t you just say no?

  1. Ms. Wanderer

    He is probably afraid of pushing people away because that’s what he does to people. I’m not saying that to mitigate what he did, just to make an observation. He might be afraid of how strongly you felt for him or how he felt for you, so instead of facing it head on he pushes you away. I hope that you find some solace and healing from this.

    1. He waited 5 days to tell me he never liked me at all. I asked him every step of the way to be honest and he tells me 5 days latter that’s the part that hurts because I never would have done that to him.

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