The End(Another random poem type thing)

Can you see the star

The one just above

Where you are

Shining brightly

In the night

I thought you were my guiding light

The way home

The light under which to roam.

You can’t see

That I care

You didn’t dare

To fall

Into me

The lady

Who wished to help

You see the man you wish to be

Not to turn you into something new

Just to help you

See the man

Under the pain, anger, and hurt,

For better or worse

No matter what mirror would show

I know what lies under is a heart of gold

I just wanted to be

A hand to hold

Until we got very old

You turned me away

Told me to stay

That is when you broke my heart

Never to know what might have been

What waited for us

At the end

Tell me what you think.

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