Please stop telling me how you’re getting laid.

Note to reader: The following is a way for me to vent and get my personal feelings out, I am sorry if you’re offended by talk of sex, or of girls that enjoy sex then I apologize in advance.

Dear reader Adriana came home from her bf’s on Sunday night and has been talking about how she got laid even since.

I keep telling her to stop because I haven’t had any in 3 years(My last bf was in 2011 and I don’t do random sex) so it’s kind of annoying me.

Don’t get me wrong dear reader I am happy that she is happy, I just don’t need every detail, especially when I would really like to have someone special myself to get some from(Just keeping it real).

I did get a hug from a cute guy at the casino on Thursday so that kind of made me happy(I felt kind of life a cougar since he was 22 and I am 28).

Tell me what you think.

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