I See You

I truly believe that Deity(s) (Whatever you may personally call Them/know Them as are waiting for us all).

Of Axe and Plough

I see you there.

From fog capped mountain peaks

Overlooking a busy ocean seaside

Where sheep graze along the hillsides

Between large, ancient stones

I see you there.

On that windy, black-paved road.

I can see you

Moving in that monstrous,

Lumbering, motorized wagon.

Inching upward towards the mountain top.

Towards me. Towards us.

You move closer

And pause in your thoughts

These peaks are shrouded from your eyes,

and yet I know you are squinting.

At that dark patch of fog?

Or perhaps a shape you thought,

a glimpse as you made your way

around a bend.

A wind blows the clouds

And those shapes shift

And you put it out of your mind

For a time.

Eventually your gaze finds its way

Back to the peaks

That are hidden from you.

I have waited. – We have waited.

For ages.

And you forgot us.

Forgot me.

We have…

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