Really nervous right now(10/29/14)

Dear reader I know that this is personal however I have no one else to tell(Janet and Adriana are both at work right now)

I want to preface this by saying that I haven’t had sex with anyone in 3 plus years.

I saw something personal and I just made an appointment to go get checked out at planned parenthood.

My appointment is at 2:30pm today. I am so nervous.

I got checked out after my ex left in 2010 and I was fine but not since then.

I have only ever slept with 3 people in my life so far and my last ex in June of 2011(the last time I have had sex) never said I gave him anything which I am almost positive that he would have done if I did.

I haven’t done it sooner for a variety of different reasons and I was ok until I noticed this because I wasn’t dating anyone.

Now that Alex is around I really want to know that I am good if/when we do something.

Please pray for me dear reader and as always I will keep you updated.

Tell me what you think.

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