Georgia’s Story Chapter 2 Part 1.

Note to reader: The following post is the 1st part/page of chapter 2 of my first attempt at a story(part 1 and all other subsequent parts of the story  will be posted in the “Georgia’s Story” tab of my blog). I am not a professional author I am just getting the story out of my mind. All rights to this story are reserved by me, No ping-backs to any of my story posts will be accepted if you want to Reblog it PLEASE give me proper credit. Also my friend Ron has been extremely nice enough  to edit the story for me. I hope you enjoy reading it.

His name is Kristopher Dempsey. And this is the story of how he met Georgia Reign.

He sat in his cruiser listening to the crackle of his scanner. The slow buzz of radio waves bouncing around in his mind couldn’t help him think any clearer. So He shut it off for a moment to think. His mind came back to the most familiar train of thought he knew, his own story. His own name.

“Ameture boxer turned detective. Hmph. I’m like a walking cliche. Ten years and the force and 3 on homicide and I still can’t get my mind off of those old days in the ring.” Thought Kristopher.

He leaned his seat back as his mind wandered. He remembered first meeting Georgia, and how it all started between them.

I’ve seen a lot of different things in my time, and met quite a few different folks, but I’d never met a broad like Georgia. Hell I’d never met anyone like that, and I grew up in the bronx.”

He smiles a dry and devilish grin. “It had to be just after the final call of the day. Technically I was supposed to be heading home. Getting comfy. But something made me turn away from my block. I got the strangest urge to stay in my cruiser that night and just drive for awhile.” His hands run over the steering wheel, grizzled fingers running over every groove and bump in the leather as he thinks.

“Halfway through my drive home I got the call about the dead body found in the alleyway behind Lexington and 5th. SGT needed me to cover because Davidson was out sick. Only the thought of overtime hours was pulling me out of my funk. Maybe it would mean that I could afford to put some money down on the new leather polish for my seats.”

He remembers first seeing her, she looked like some skinny punk causing trouble. He’d met that type plenty of times before. Usually they just tried to pull the good Samaritan act for a reward, but when she reached out towards the body and then passed out, he knew something was up. When she finally came to he certainly had some questions for her.

Excuse me ma’am.” A long shadow drapes over the alleyway,
his brimmed hat hangs low on his brow, covering his eyes from the suns orange twilight glow. “My name is Detective Dempsey, I work Homicide. You and I have some matters to discuss.”

Well dear reader that’s the end of chapter 2 Part 1. I hope you’re enjoying reading Georgia’s Story, I promise I will get part 2 of chapter 2 posted as soon as editing is done(Ron is currently on vacation for a few weeks so I have to wait until he gets home). Thanks again for all the love you have given me on the story so far it really does mean the world to me ☺.

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