Sometimes it feels like “Are you my mother”.

Note to reader: The following post is basically about me trying to get out a random thought that has been running through my mind for awhile(Which is really the whole intent/purpose of this blog, to get random feelings/thoughts out of my mind and onto this blog so I don’t explode) I am NOT trying to judge anyone or anything like that, also I apologize in advance if the post doesn’t make sense.

Dear reader I have been deal with a lot of love issues over the past few years(check the “trials in love” tab of my blog for more info if you’re interested) and over that time I have learned a few lessons that have helped me personally to approach my love life a bit better:

I have seen(and used to be guilty of doing this myself) people go up to people they might want to date like the Dr Seuss book “Are You My mother?” And get frustrated when “nope, you’re not the one, or you or you” happens and they think it’s about them(that they aren’t good enough etc).

I have personally learned that being honest and open from the first time you meet someone about not only the things that you want and need but also what they want and need and expect in return saves so much time and heartache on both sides.

I have been thanked for this by so many different men because even though it stopped the relationships for whatever ever reason(they want kids and I can’t have them, they need a physically active person and I am in a chair for examples) it has given me a few friends and saved a lot of unnecessary hurt and wasted time.

The way I personally see it dear reader is my heart has a lock on it so to speak and not everyone is going to have the right key to unlock it trying to force things unnecessary services no purpose and I feel personally that even though I haven’t had a long term relationship in 3 years(Alex broke up with me after about 2 months because of his drug issue) I haven’t had to try to think “maybe I can change or they can change”(in my personal opinion dear reader trying to change people is stupid and pointless) and if the person is scared away by me being open and honest about my needs and wants and me asking what theirs are and if I can honestly do those things(and to be honest if I even want to) then they aren’t worth my time.

Don’t be afraid to be honest and open about what you want and who you are dear reader If they don’t like you for you then find someone who will believe me dear reader someone will appreciate you for your awesome self just as you will do for them.

Tell me what you think.

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