I can’t help someone who will not help themselves.

Note to reader: The following post is just me venting about this situation so that I can get my feelings and emotions out so that I don’t end up actually yelling at people.

Dear reader I have realized in my life through a lot of different experiences with many different people that my “lot in life” seems to be helping people with encouragement and advice(I have gotten awards for being the most encouraging at different points in my school career, elementary through high school, two of which had fancy dinner type things attached to them).

I want to add here that I don’t mean the kind where it’s your inspirational because of your chair, I mean cheering others on.

I like and enjoy doing it(even if I wish I had someone to do the same for me, most people who are in my life don’t really understand because my chair makes things that they do without thinking(taking themselves to the bathroom, getting into and out of bed etc) that they can sympathize with the fact that I have a hard time doing things but they don’t really have practical advice that I can actually literally use) however I have noticed lately that I am having a harder time helping my best friend Janet.

She is an awesome person but she has no life/copping skills at all (she will admit this herself) she can walk and has no disabilities however since her family raised her to believe that a man would always take care of her she doesn’t do well with paying bills and basic life stuff.

For the last few years she has treated me almost like a boyfriend or a security blanket asking me for advice about everything and I have told her that I want her to be able to make her own choices in case something happens to me and she says she gets it but she just keeps second guessing everything and it’s driving me nuts.

She has a bf(she was married to another guy for about a year but it didn’t work out, she is still legally married) and she is living with him and she says she loves him but now she keeps saying that she will end up dying alone, I have tried my best to cheer her up but it never seems to work.

Plus she does some stuff that makes no sense at all to me dear reader:

She called me a few weeks before she married her ex and she told me that it wouldn’t work out and she wasn’t in love with him but she was going through with the wedding anyway because “I paid for it already”. Dear reader did that make your head explode too?

A few days ago she called me to say that she was upset because her bf was talking to another girl about a movie that they had just seen(it was a group date with a few of their friends, I live way too far away to go) and I asked her if she had asked him questions about the movie herself she said no that she didn’t want to bugg him.

I told her that if she was mad or jealous that she should have tried to talk to him too she didn’t like that.

I honestly don’t know what to do dear reader, I can’t help her if she won’t help herself.

Tell me what you think.

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