I never wanted to be a disability advocate(12/5/15)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me talking about myself and my own personal thoughts/feelings about this situation. I don’t speak for anyone other than myself. If you share this please give me credit no ping backs will be accepted for this post.

Dear reader I never wanted to be a “Disability advocate” however that’s what people have been calling people with disabilities who have been talking about Kylie Jenner and her wheelchair photo shoot.

My first post on this subject. if you haven’t seen it yet and want to check it out.

I want to just be known for the things I do as a person. Not as “it’s nice to see someone with a wheelchair doing this”.

I am currently trying to hold back tears as I am writing this post because I am so frustrated about all of the different emotions that this situation is bringing up for me right now.

I decided to make a public post on my FB page talking about my own personal thoughts about the issue which is pretty much what I already wrote on here about it. and told my friends and family to share it because I wanted my feelings to be heard because I personally feel like if I didn’t talk about my feelings about the situation then I would be wasting an opportunity to possibly change a few people’s minds about how they see people with disabilities.

As of right now it has 450 shares. A lot of people have messaged me saying that it wasn’t her fault about the chair.

My personal reply to this is:

She probably didn’t pick out the chair however she still sat down in it as far as I know no one forced her to.

Or why aren’t you offended when people who don’t have disabilities play them on tv/movies? My reply to this is:

I am not personally offended by none disabled people who play disabled characters even though I wish disabled people had first chance to play them and I wish the storylines were better however they are still getting people with disabilities out there especially since some people don’t even know we are out there.

I am thankful to you and this blog dear reader because you guys don’t make me feel “sick” I just feel like a “normal” person talking about my life and the stuff I like.

All of your likes, views, comments, and follows mean the world to me dear reader ♡.

I just want to have my voice not a voice as a “Disability advocate” because my CP(Cerebral Palsy) will NEVER define me as a person.

One thought on “I never wanted to be a disability advocate(12/5/15)

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