Has anyone else noticed the lack of current “next Gen” games on ps4(2/22/16)

Dear reader I Still can’t fall back asleep I really wish that they were more “next Gen” games available on the PSN store for the PS4.

I really want to play somethingthat doesn’t require too much “work”(for me playing stuff like “Fallout 4” by myself isn’t as fun because of my hand-eye-coordination issues due to my CP, Cerebral Palsy, I usually have a boyfriend or friend to help me out whenever I get stuck on something) that’s still “next Gen” in terms of graphics and storyline.

However most of what I have been seeing lately on PSN is besides the Lego games (I am skipping Lego Avengers” because I have heard from different reviews that the storyline has a lot of plot holes and it’s and I am quoting a reviewer I read: “The worst Lego game todate”. I am waiting for Lego Starwars instead)”old school” stuff.

I am feeling a bit disappointed. Dear reader have you noticed the same thing? Leave me a comment on this post if you have.

9 thoughts on “Has anyone else noticed the lack of current “next Gen” games on ps4(2/22/16)

  1. p2d2

    I got a feeling that development will slow a little bit, in order for developers pick up projects for the upcoming VR wave before next winter. It’s not going to be significant, but it will probably the talk going on at the next E3.

    1. I just hope that they don’t forget about “regular games” for the ps4 because not everyone can afford VR straight out of the gate. Thanks for the comment 😊.

      1. p2d2

        Nah, most developers are on the same page as the investors. Which expect it to be a multi-billion dollar operation within 5 years. In 5 years, I can imagine VR equip being the price off a new console today. As to if it will consumes console gaming, thats anybody’s guess.

      2. I hope that VR will have some modifications for people with disabilities like myself who can’t physically jump or move around as well as other people can.

      3. p2d2

        In the future everything is possible. I’m fairly certain it will evolve someday to strictly responses from the brain. Current tech is based off of sensors, hardware and software. Personally, I’m optimistic in that it will

      4. p2d2

        Why not?!?! All you have worry about is zeros and ones! (God forbid that you ever see a two)

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