Life: Another reason why I love my nieces and nephews

Dear reader last night my dad and I stopped by my oldest niece’s house to help celebrate my great-niece’s first birthday(her daughter).

Some issues happened with the timing of the party so my dad and I stopped by the casino (since it was close by) to wait for the party to start since we were in the area really early because my dad was confused about the time.

By the time we left the casino and got to her house it was later on in the evening and my dad had to get home before it got too much later so my oldest nephew stayed outside with me, (I was still in my dad’s truck so that my dad he wouldn’t have to lift me and get my wheelchair moved around twice) while my dad went inside to give my niece the birthday card and get us a plate of cake.

It meant a lot to me dear reader that he sat with me. It’s another reason why I call my nieces, nephews, and my God-daughter my angels because they always have watched out for me in their own way.

Everyone did come say hi and give me hugs before we left. I am truly beyond blessed 💜.

Tell me what you think.

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