The differences between the Darkest Mind movie and book.

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me telling you my personal thoughts on the differences between the two. I’m NOT a professional movie reviewer(critic) I’m only doing this as a regular person who watched the movie and read the first book in the series. I will be talking about the main differences that I noticed/that stood out to me personally, I will NOT be covering ever single difference. This should already be obvious considering the subject matter however I want to say it just in case. This post will include spoilers for both movie and book so read at your own risk if you haven’t already finished reading/seen the movie.

This list will be in no particular order:

1. The movie didn’t show/talk about Ruby’s friendship with “Samantha” it shows the scene with them getting in trouble with the guard about her “lacing his boots wrong” and “Samantha” defending “Ruby”/getting in trouble for it but that’s pretty much the last we see of her for the entire movie from the way that the movie tells it it seemed to me personally like they didn’t really know each other(It doesn’t show “Ruby” erasing her memory either).

2. The movie didn’t show/talk about “Ruby’s” grandmother at all. The movie does show “Ruby” going home and looking through the window at her mom but she doesn’t go inside.

3. The movie does show the(in my personal opinion) sexual assault on “Ruby” by “Clancy” however it doesn’t go as far as it does in the book.

4. At the camp that “Clancy” runs the kids don’t wear black.

5. The majority of the ending of the movie is different from the book (I don’t want to give everything away).

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