Random Thoughts: Rambling on recent love life events part 2

Note to Reader: The backstory to this post is here(Click on the link to go to my first post about this situation). If you want to check it out. As always the following post is ONLY about me talking about myself/my own personal thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Dear reader a few hours after I posted the first post(here) the guy who I was talking about messaged me on Twitter(@Booknerd0486 if you want to say hi to me that way) during the course of the conversation I asked how much he drinks(I don’t personally want to date a guy that drinks a lot) he said that he doesn’t drink as much as he says that he does on Twitter and he was saying it as part of jokes.

I was like ok and moved onto other subjects to see if there were any other obvious pit falls over why we shouldn’t date(as always I try my best to ask questions up front to see if we match so there isn’t any unnecessarily wasted time/hurt feelings on either side).

Since he was ok with my ♿ already, knew I’m not Christian, and knew I wanted something long-term I told him I have my tubes tied and don’t want kids.

Here’s where the conversation started to get(in my personal opinion) a little weird dear reader he asked a few times back to back if I had kids I said no each time. He then asks if I wanted to adopt(side note I don’t understand why people ask me if I want to adopt kids after I tell them I’ve had my tubes tied and why) again I said no.

He thanks me for my honesty, got quite then says he’s older and his kids are grown and he wants to find love and settle down.

He says he doesn’t want anymore kids. I say ok but notice in the back of my mind that I don’t really like that he doesn’t seem to be getting why I’m asking questions even though I said multiple times why and said that he can ask me questions too.

He says not to “push him away” I say that I’m just asking questions.

He then says he likes me and finds me attractive. I thank him and explain that I personally do find people attractive however I don’t have any desire to do anything with them until/unless I have a bond with them. I explain that Vin Diesel could offer to sleep with me and I would say no because I don’t know him.

He doesn’t get it.

I also say that I really don’t want basic conversation, I can entertain myself if a guy is going to be around me that is interested in me romantically I want him to be able to keep me mentally involved, teach me something new, or make me laugh.

He says “WOW, You have a history, I’m sorry”.

Again I try to explain my point of view.

He says again not to push him away.

I wonder if I’m being too hard on him so I tell him about a public event I’m hopefully attending soon since he’s in the same general area and likes books as well and I thought it would be a safe public event for us to say hi to each other and meet in person especially since he says he really likes books too.

He says he’s busy I say I understand and maybe we can meet up another time.

In my mind dear reader I think it might be a sign from the Universe that he’s not right for me, I’m trying to be more open but still trust my gut feelings.

He says he wants to meet me and thinks I am cute.

I say maybe in the future. He says not to push him away.

I say that I am not(Dear reader if I was I would block him).

He says that he is going to sleep we say goodnight. I haven’t heard from him since.

I know that it’s hard to pick up on it via text but I really don’t think the vibe is right between us dear reader plus I think his age might become a factor later on(he really seems to want a younger girl to stay home with him and watch 📺 which is ok but I want to be able to go places like theme parks whilst I am still healthy enough to do so). I also think he wants me to chase him and I won’t.

I’m kinda hoping he gets bored and goes away on his own. I promise to keep you updated as soon as I know anything more. As always you’re support of me on this journey means everything to me dear reader 💜.

Tell me what you think.

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