Random thoughts: Rambling on recent love life events(3/31/19)

Note to Reader: The following post is ONLY about myself/my own personal thoughts/feelings about events that have happened recently.

Dear reader I can’t sleep so I’m writing this post to help get these thoughts out of my mind and to show myself how far I’ve come at a future date.

A guy that I’ve met on Twitter(@Booknerd0486 if you want to say hi to me that way) and I’ve chatted with for awhile asked to dm me and after talking to him that way for awhile I gave him my number to call me (it’s easier for me to talk rather than type) during the course of the conversation I found out that he’s considerably older than me(more than 5 years) and as well as a few other things that made me feel odd for personal reasons(a lot to explain).

After the conversation ended(side note he was already aware/ok with my disability/♿) I wasn’t sure about continuing to consider him romantically.

As I was going through his Twitter I saw that he drinks a lot more than I’m personally comfortable with(for a guy I’m dating) and I was glad that I hadn’t contacted him(I don’t want to chase after anyone, I will put in the same effort that a guy shows me if he would’ve said something to me I would’ve answered him).

There was a time in my past wherein I would’ve messaged him to try and get his attention, or any guy I was talking to now I’m comfortable with not talking to or being with someone who doesn’t put any effort into talking to me.

In this particular situation dear reader it feels like the Universe/powers that be are keeping me moving towards the guy that’s right for me and it’s saving me so much heartbreak/wasted time and helping me to keep a positive attitude about love.

I can remember talking to people who I knew weren’t the right fit for me or vise versa solely because I wanted someone to talk to or because I was scared that I was being to hard on him or missing out on the one now I know that the one will want to text/talk to me without me having to “remind him”.

As always I will keep you updated on my love life situation as soon as I know anything dear reader and as always thanks from the bottom of my ❤ for staying on this journey with me your support means the 🌎 to me.

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