Love: I have a boyfriend

Dear reader I am sorry that I haven’t said anything in a few days it’s because(and if you’re not currently sitting down you may want to for this especially if you’ve been following me on this journey for awhile) I *takes a deep breath* have a boyfriend. A very serious boyfriend.

Now you might be wondering how that’s possible since I have been single for ages. It’s because my boyfriend is someone that I’ve known and loved before(No dear reader don’t worry it’s not my ex husband).

It’s my first serious boyfriend(from age 15-18) he found me again on FB on the 27th of May(Best early birthday gift ever). He knows about you guys(He’s always been supportive of my writing since we were kids) and so I have asked him to give me a few sentences on his side of our story(why he decided to find me again, how he feels about me) to give you guys more context to the situation from his side. We are long distance right now so I had him email it to me and I copied and pasted it here:

“hi there everyone, good to meet you.
I’ve know Rose for a very long time, she was my first love, and hopefully last.
We had an unfortunate falling out after about 2 years of seeing each other and went our own ways for the past 16 or so years. I was reminded of her daily from a tattoo of her on my arm. A romantic reminder of a wonderful time past.

Recently something compelled me to reach out to her for the first time. To atleast apologize for how things ended between us as teens. I’ve been big on closure since the death of my father and our inability to reconsile before his passing.

So needless to say. I reached out to my beautiful Rose expecting to be Sting by thorns and instead was met with a sweet smell instead.

Now, in the words of the great Douglas Adams “don’t panic” I know about Roses needs and always have. I’ve always wanted to be there for her the way she needs and soon will be.

Anyway! Take care everyone. Thanks for reading.


Can you see why I love him dear reader(and yes he has always been this romantic with me since we were kids 😍)

I knew after that first conversation that I didn’t want to let this chance to make what we’ve wanted since we were kids come true. So I said yes to becoming his girlfriend again.

I know this might sound crazy dear reader but everything I have been longing and looking for has been what we had. I love our communication and the way we match each other on so many different levels. How even though we were older now we still match as adults(except he still makes me feel like a teenager again🔥🔥🔥). He really is my every wish come true.

I am sorry again that I didn’t say sooner but I wanted to give you a full post about it.

I can’t wait for you guys to join in on this journey with us. Hugs.

PS. He was the one that picked out my darkrose04 name

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