Update on my dad’s situation(6/12/19)

Dear reader they changed the date that we find out the final outcome to my dad’s situation from Monday to August 29th because certain people involved didn’t get their paperwork done in time.

I haven’t been reading at all beyond a few pages here and there because I’ve been so stressed about Monday(the orginal date we were supposed to find out everything).

I’ve also been stressed out because My Boyfriend and I(Click here to check out the background on us if you’re new here) decided to pause our stuff because we both want to take care of some personal stuff and family issues(No, dear reader he doesn’t have kids) and I want to enjoy as much time with my dad as possible right now.

I still miss J like crazy especially saying goodnight on FaceTime(we are currently long-distance right now) but I know that he will find me again whenever he is ready and I’ve already waited 16 years(since we broke up the first time when I was 18) to get him back I can wait some more. He really is my every wish come true.

I will keep you guys updated on my dad as soon as I know any final answers. Please keep praying for us dear reader. Your support means everything to me.

One thought on “Update on my dad’s situation(6/12/19)

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