Blocking me on Twitter was your version of goodbye.

I don’t know if you’re still following my blog or if you’ll still care enough to read this but I have to get my feelings out:

I can’t believe that after telling me about 2 weeks ago that you just needed space to get your head right and help your family but you’d be back eventually you decided to block me on Twitter knowing that I would see it because that’s the main way I get my book reviews out there.

That’s it, after 16 years of not seeing me plus 2 years of dating as teens That’s you’re goodbye?

You keep saying that it’s me that will leave and that you’re not good enough for me yet you pull this b.s.?

You made you’re worst fears come true because I am a ride or die type of person and I would have always been in your coner but you pushed me away.

This is why I have trust issues. This is why I get cold. I really hope you have a great amazing life because you still deserve it. I hope I still get a decent goodbye at some point.

PS. I sent you one last message where I know you will see it because I don’t want to leave things with anger in my 💜 hopefully you will answer at some point.

2 thoughts on “Blocking me on Twitter was your version of goodbye.

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