Trials in Love: I heard from J by email(6/29/19)

Note to Reader: The backstory to this post is Here if you want to read it.

Dear reader I heard from J by email(we are both night owls) and he explained why he blocked me on Twitter, I can’t explain why because it’s really personal to him however I understand it.

We aren’t back together(yet) because we are both currently going through a lot with our respective families and we need time to handle it and life. He does know how to find me whenever he needs me.

I am beyond thankful that we got the chance to say our peace to each other(thankfully we both have writer’s hearts) and are good. I promise to keep you all updated on this and any other situations as soon as I know anything.

To anyone who said prayers for me to get some closure on what happened thank you so much. As always thank you so much for staying on this journey with me 💜.

One thought on “Trials in Love: I heard from J by email(6/29/19)

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