Dating drama: “You deserve to try dating just like me”

Note to Reader: The following post is ONLY about me venting/getting out my thoughts/emotions about this specific situation.

Dear reader I matched with a guy on a dating app and when I made sure that he was ok with my ♿(I’m ALWAYS upfront about it). He said this:

“Yes I’m ok with your wheelchair, you deserve to try dating just like me and I think it’s sad that people don’t give you a chance because of it. Also my ex wife has a family member with the same thing as you.”

Dear reader I understand and on some level can appreciate the sentiment behind what he said here however to me personally it felt like A, He thinks I haven’t dated a lot because of my ♿ which isn’t true and B, He was only giving me a chance because he thinks some other guy(s) won’t.

If you’ve been with me for any time you’ll already know that I don’t want anyone around me and especially not dating me if they feel sorry for me.

I messaged him back and said:

“Believe it or not my disability hasn’t been an issue for me in dating since high school, more guys have issues with the fact that they can’t tell me what to do or that I gamble than they do about my ♿. I’ve been single for so long since my divorce because I am very picky about who I share myself with especially sexually and I want to make sure whomever I let in will stay around for awhile especially since I’m looking for something long-term.”

He didn’t answer for awhile(after replying to everything else rather quickly) and as I’ve said earlier I didn’t like the pity vibes I was getting off of his response so I deleted the message(after you delete the message they can’t message you again).

I know that I will find someone eventually dear reader I’m just feeling a little worried because I can feel myself losing the patients for small talk on dating apps.

As always thanks for letting me vent and staying on this journey with me, I promise to keep you guys updated as soon as anything new happens 💜.

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