Dating misadventures: He wanted me to sweep him off his feet.

Note to Reader: I am sharing this experience because I personally find it funny. More of my latest dating misadventures can be found Here if you’re interested.

Dear reader a few hours ago a guy matched with me on a dating app. In my bio I tell people about my ♿. (You’ll see why I am telling you this as the first part of this story in a few seconds dear reader).

His first message to me:

Hey we matched, are you ready to sweep me off of my feet?

My response to him a few seconds later:

That’s kinda hard from me to from my wheelchair lol, I kinda want a guy to do that for me hehe.

After about 30 minutes I deleted the message(After you delete a message they can’t message you again).

I’m not sad about it dear reader especially since I hadn’t been talking to him long. I genuinely find it funny. I hope it gives you a laugh as well 😁. As always thank you so much for staying on this journey with me your support means the world to me 💜.

Tell me what you think.

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