Things that I am thankful for today(9-16-2019)

Things that I am thankful for today:

1. Getting to go to a different casino with my dad earlier today(we’re home now) and talking home $200 total(I play $5-10 $ hands of blackjack, on the blackjack table I was playing on if you bet the $1 side bet & got blackjack you got a jackpot spin, on the first spin I got $40 and on the 2nd spin I got $60). My dad and I each played enough money that the casino’s player’s club gave us one folding chair each).

2. My uncle Timmy coming to visit and taking the 2 physically books that I’ve finished reading recently to drop off at the local lending library for me.

3. My dad putting my money from the casino into my bank for me via the 🏧.


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