Things that I am thankful for today(11-24-2019)

Things that I am thankful for today:

1. I was able to go my 1st 24 hours without having to take a half of a regular pain med for my muscle pain from my Cerebral Palsy thanks to the Watermelon CBD Gummies I bought(Click on the link to go to website I bought them from if you want to check them out.)

I find that if my dad ✂ them in a few pieces(I didn’t want to start out with a full gummy) and I take about 2 pieces(give or take depending upon the size of the pieces and my pain level at the time) it’s about the same effect(for me personally) as taking half a regular pain med. I am so blessed I have been looking for a while to get off pain meds for awhile(singular muscle relaxers don’t work for me, and THC in edibles made me super nervous even at a low dose).

I’m NOT saying that I won’t take another regular pain med if necessary or if I run out of gummies(before I can order more) I am saying that if all goes well I found something that works for me that I don’t have fight Drs for.

As always dear reader your support of me and my journey has helped me to find the courage to try new things. I love you all so much 😁.


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