Venting: Emailing with the CEO of the repair company I used to fix my wheelchair(2/26/20)

Note to Reader: I’m writing this post about this situation to get my personal thoughts/opinions about this situation off my chest. As always I am ONLY speaking for myself and no other disabled person. I am NOT trying to make anyone feel sorry for me.

If you want the backstory of me getting my wheelchair back click here.

Dear reader earlier today I emailed the contact person with the company that I used to fix my wheelchair saying thank you and that I got my wheelchair back (it’s still being a bit temperamental but it reclines now(which it didn’t do before) if it still is acting up in the next few days I will call the repair person who worked on my chair directly; he kindly gave me his cell phone number as he was dropping off the chair) he emailed me back asking me if I would do a review of the company on Google.

I emailed him back saying that I would do the review if I could mention the wait time to get my chair back(about 3 weeks) since the possible wait time for it being out of your home for more than two or three days isn’t really mentioned on their website and everything on their website focuses on the repair person coming and doing the work at your home(bringing the parts to you) so I couldn’t really prepare for the time it was gone as it was almost always explained to me as it taking a few more days(the man who I was working with knew from that first conversation when they picked up my chair that I didn’t have a spare chair to use(I spent 3 weeks in bed aside from going to the bathroom(my dad can still lift me and thankfully my bed moves up and down so I can sit upright in bed by myself).

I futher explained that I was told about 2 weeks into the process of fixing my chair that I could get a loner but would have to find a different company myself and still wasn’t given a time frame to know how long to reserve it for. I said that in my personal opinion I believe that being told about the possibility of needing a loner earlier on in the process would be helpful to some people especially when disabled people really do depend upon our chairs to get around(side note dear reader they even say a similar thing on the website).

Also that they should consider also contracting out for loner chairs within the process if necessary as the contract out to repair places to do the work anyways and a lot of them offer loner chairs anyway.

I didn’t hear anything back from him though he was very fast to get ahold of me after the original thank you email.

Dear reader I feel like this is the same type of integrity that I work hard to show within my book reviews as well which is why I am honest in them.

I thank you dear reader from the very bottom of my heart for your support for me and my journey and for always accepting my honesty. You all give me so much courage to keep being honest about who I am and what I believe.

I promise to keep you updated on everything as soon as anything happens.

Tell me what you think.

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