Venting: Wheelchair repair update part 3(2/20/20)

Note to Reader: The following post is Only about me getting out my personal feelings about this situation off my chest. I am NOT trying to make anyone feel sorry for me. As always the ONLY disabled person who I am ever speaking for is myself. Click here if you’re interested in the backstory to this situation

Dear reader I just got an email back from my contact person with the main repair company that I am currently working with/paying to fix my wheelchair saying:

1. The part(as of everything I know about the situation right now it’s only one part causing the problem) will be at the repair place that currently has my chair by end of day tomorrow(2/21/20).

I already paid for the part and cost to fix it(I am between insurance at the moment and paying for it myself with my dad helping(paying yourself also moves the process a bit faster than you would deal with waiting for approval from insurance, I know from past experience with other wheelchairs I’ve had, if you’re new here dear reader and don’t already know I am disabled from birth due to Cerebral Palsy and have used a wheelchair full time since age 5 or 6(it was strollers before that) full time).

2. They want to run testing on it after they put the part in to make sure that it works before they give it back to me which I understand however it’s already been about 2 and a half weeks now since I’ve had to be pretty much home in bed because I don’t have any other wheelchair that I can use(every time I’ve been able to get a new one it was because the other one was broken/too expensive to fix.

3. So now realistically between getting the part in, them putting it in my chair, and running the tests on it afterwards to make sure everything works I probably won’t be able to get my chair back till Wednesday.

Thanks again for your support for me and my journey dear reader it means a lot to me and your support is helping to keep me going 😊.

I promise to keep you updated on everything as soon as I know anything new about the situation.

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