Venting: Wheelchair Repair update part 2(2/14/20)

Note to reader: The following post is Only about me getting out my personal thoughts/emotions about this situation out of my system. I am NOT trying to make anyone feel sorry for me. As always the ONLY disabled person who I am speaking for/about is myself. Click here if you want the backstory to this situation.

Dear reader I just got done paying $211.64(total cost with part, shipping for the part, tax, and labor to fix it) to the main repair company that I am using to fix my electric wheelchair.

I am thankful that I could afford it from the money that I have saved from the casino and stuff. Being able to do things like this is a big reason why I love being able to play at Roulette and Craps.

My contact person with the company said that they are shipping out the part that I needed to fix my wheelchair(thankfully it was only one sensor switch that was bad and causing me not to be able to drive my chair) on Monday directly to the repair place that currently has my chair and I should have my chair back to me by this coming Friday however it could be as late as the following Tuesday in getting back to me.

Please send me any positive thoughts and energy that you have that I can get it back sooner rather than later as I am stuck in bed without it.

As always I will keep you guys updated on everything with this situation as soon as I know anything new. Thanks again for your support for me and my journey dear reader it really has kept me strong dealing with this situation.

2 thoughts on “Venting: Wheelchair Repair update part 2(2/14/20)

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